Floris Kaayk


cinema leerThe insect world, a fascination with technology and erratic evolution processes are the inspiration and recurring motifs in the works of the Dutch artist Floris Kaayk. Computer-generated creatures move about in the realistic visual aesthetics of nature films, professional voices from the off comment on an evolution spinning out of control in fictive documentaries. For example: Metalosis Maligna (7'23'') is about a proliferation of implants that has developed a momentum of its own, spreads like a disease and eventually replaces the natural human body; The Origin of Creatures (12') shows a post-human world in which disparate body parts flock together into intelligent swarms over deserted cities. Kaayk presented the short films and his work on animated worlds oscillating between fiction and reality.



Floris Kaayk studied computer animation at Amsterdam’s Sandberg Institute and at the Academy of Art and Design in Breda (Netherlands); he currently lives in The Hague. In his works the video artist combines elements of computer animation with the real images of documentaries. One special characteristic of his approach is employing animation film as the basis for blending computer-generated images with reality. His characteristic technique and innovative style have been described as an emerging new genre. www.floriskaayk.com