Jacob Kirkegaard


cinema leerJacob Kirkegaard looks into the scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance phenomena, which normally lie below the threshold of perception. In 2005, almost 20 years after the Chernobyl catastrophe, the Danish artist travelled to the former exclusion zone around the nuclear plant for his sound and video project Aion. The sound of deserted rooms were recorded and then played back into the rooms, and this was in turn recorded. This process was repeated ten times, on the visual level as well. Once layered, specific images and sounds of these rooms emerge, pervaded with overtones. Aion reflects changes in an area which even today is still haunted by an invisible und inaudible threat, right in the middle of a decaying relict of human civilization.



Jacob Kirkegaard is a sound artist and studied at the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne. His works delve into the potential musicality of unheard sounds in a variety of environments. In this context he collects and examines the sounds given off by vibrating earth, ice, atmospheric phenomena, nuclear power plants, and deserted places. Jacob Kirkegaard lives in Berlin and Copenhagen. www.fonik.dk