Aya Ben Ron

SHIFT [engl.]

cinema leer«Shift» focuses on the work done at two hospital wards for vegetative-state patients at the Reut Medical Center in Tel Aviv. The film accompanied two working shifts for 18 months. The artist Aya Ben Ron repeatedly visited the hospital, filmed the long phases of waiting in the rooms of the patients and the interaction with the hospital staff: the patients being examined, fed and moved by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, animal-assisted and music therapists. The film observes life in this in-between state as well as the simple and at the same time complex relationship between personnel and patient: simple because it revolves around basic needs; complex due to the fact that there are no channels of “normal” communication.



Aya Ben Ron, artist, studied at Goldsmiths College in London. She works with and in various media such as video, installation, drawing, and sculpture, using them to intensively explore the conditions of human existence. Viewers of her work are confronted with morbid bodies, death, and suppressed pain and suffering. Aya Ben Ron lives in Tel Aviv.